October 1st Rally for Spain, Bogdanoff, Moraitis and LaMarca

bonefish eventWednesday, Oct 1st Rally for Spain, Bogdanoff, Moraitis and LaMarca at Bonefish Mac’s 6:00-8:00pm
Fantastic opportunity to bring your friends and neighbors to meet the great candidates and elected officials of Broward County!!  We need to push them across the finish line of Nov.  4th with a strong victory. 2002 NE 36th Street  Pompano Beach. (Southeast corner of Sample and Federal).  Contact RBN for details.

The General Election is Underway

Tom Truex

Tom Truex

A word from the Broward Republican Party Chairman:

The 2014 General Election is currently underway.  That’s right, the first absentee ballots are already in the mail.  Early voting begins on October 20th.  Thinking in terms of a one day election (November 4th) is the logic of dinosaurs.  All of our Republican candidates realize the fate of those who are not currently in full election mode–extinction!  BREC cancelled our regular meeting in October so we can devote all of our time and resources where most needed–walking door to door, making phone calls, and working in our campaign offices.

Keep checking on this website for updated details on the contact information and volunteer needs of our candidates.

Tom Truex
Chairman, Broward Republican Executive Committee

Poll Watchers Deadline Approaching

Please sign up to work as a poll watcher for early voting and/or on the General Election on November 4th.  You are urgently needed.  Poll watchers are an important line of defense to discourage voter fraud.

What is a poll watcher? 

A person may be asked by a candidate or political party to go to a polling place and observe. We call this person a poll watcher. The poll watcher watches to see if any violations of the election laws occur. If such a violation occurs, the poll watcher is to inform the election board of the violation. The election board consists of the poll workers.

Please send the form back to us this week so we can meet the deadline at the Supervisor of Election’s Office.